Thursday, 4 June 2015

My recent favorites from Quora

In retrospect these only seem to reflect a tiny part of what I've been thinking and understanding why I've asked them is like reconstructing the skeleton of a Brontosaurus from a fragment of the third cervical vertebrae 

My Questions

Here are some of my recent questions 

  1. What's a good name for a walking trip where the participants discuss philosophy and brainstorm new ideas or solutions?
  1. Why is the idea that "animals tend to be altruistic toward those with whom they share a lot of genes" claimed to be false?
  1. How was the original content and user base for Wikipedia obtained?
  1. If I heated a sealed tank of water at what temperature would it reach 200 atmospheres?
  1. How much energy does it take to get a kg of water to the critical point in a sealed container?
  1. Is a RAID 10 of HGST 4TB drives a good option for a desktop workstation where priorities are speed and performance? What other factors do I need to consider?
  1. What oscilloscope app is there for the iPhone?
  1. In a recent episode of The Big Bang Theory they reported on a new psychological method that makes people fall in love. TBBT normally uses real science (a little distorted for story-line) so what's the truth behind this one?
  1. What is Britain's exposure to the Greek debt?

My Answers

And here are some recent answers.

  1. Start Ups: hat are some books that are a must-read for employees who work at tech startups?
  1. Entrepreneurship: How do I convince my 17-year-old-son not to be an entrepreneur?
  1. Society:Do most men think that women today should be more like the women of the 1800s?
  1. Engineering: How many wing(s) is/are needed to fly an aircraft?
  1. Innovation: What are some of the cleverest inventions and ideas ever?
  1. Engineering: How does the suspension system of a tank work?
  1. Culture: When in history and how did someone arrived at the idea of wine glasses having a stem and feet?
  1. Historical Innovation: What are the origins of the Greenwich Zero longitude line?
  1. Britain: Why are there crossings in the UK that have no pedestrian lights or exclusive pedestrian crossing time?
  1. Ecofriendly: Tesla Announces Powerwall (May 2015): Does it make sense for a typical homeowner to buy a Tesla Powerwall?
  1. Fashion: Why would anyone buy a Rolex watch?
  1. Speculation: What would you do to start over, if you are transported to a parallel universe, where everything is the same the only difference is you know no one?
  1. Oxford & Cambridge: What is life like as an Oxbridge fellow?

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    At the end of each answer there are three little dots
    Click on that to bring up a menu (not on the three dots associated with the question)
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    Know you've done your good deed! It's a bit like the good deed you do when you upvote or press the Google+ button or retweet all of these things - it both thanks and actually encourages the writer to write more things like that!