Thursday, 18 December 2014

Part Three of the exclusive Interview with David Cook is Chief Digital Officer at Time Out.

Mark Baker: What happens to organizations like yours if they don't do this transformation?

David Cook: Embracing digital means that we can take Time Out further and faster than ever before. It’s an incredibly exciting period for us. We’re building from a very strong base; we have a great brand and some very loyal fans. We consider ourselves very much a multi-media publisher, so print remains an important part of the mix. However, digital platforms mean that we can offer a service wherever and whenever our readers are looking for our advice.
So, for us, it’s not a question of whether to transform or not, we’re already well on the way.

Mark Baker: If there were 3 things that you think that a prospective CDO needs to know? what would be the key things to know or do?

David Cook: Yeah, I think they would be: Be be Respectful, Collaborate collaborate and Innovate

I've seen people come in to an organization who are very disrespectful to what’s happened before; they can be quick to blame others and belittle previous decisions. I don’t think that’s a great way to build relations, so I’d always recommend being respectful of the past.

Collaboration is also key. The best way to get things done is to work with others and deliver something that the whole company is proud of. There’s no benefit to either isolating yourself or your immediate team.

Finally, I think that it is important to establish a framework for innovation and experimentation. It is too easy to get left behind and you need to make time for thinking the unthinkable . . .

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