Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Transforming Science Digitally. Insights from University of Cambridge.

Really interesting insights into digital transformation in neuroscience today while visiting Cambridge University. Labs working on neurodegeneration and on developing strategies to delay or prevent the death of neurones in injured or degenerating brain, particularly in Huntington's disease (HD). I saw thick wodges of written forms and heard that the big digital transformation was going to be writing behavior down on a tablet device instead. Even in science there is a tendency to wait long periods for quite small incremental improvements, regarding them as not being core.

Talked to scientists about work that I'm doing with University of Zurich to automate the whole lot so machines do the work instead of people. Interesting uses of R Language too (GNU S).

I'm thinking no wonder scientists were so freaked out when I automated everything whole reams of experimentation and analysis at the Cancer Labs in Oxford and later at Johnson & Johnson.

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