Saturday, 28 May 2011

Hooray! Back to the Supersonic era and long range super cruise!

Wired tells us that Concorde may be back
Except wasn't the real problem the cracks in the rear spar web structure of Concorde's wing. The Olympus engines are still in production so there should not be a problem overhauling them. We also seem to be back to 1950s 707/Comet journey times and speeds - and there is more time since the 707 came out than between the first 707 and the Wright flier. I see that there are supposed to be a new generation of low boom, high efficiency small supersonic passenger planes like the Aerion SBJ but its difficult to tell if they are just pipe-dreams. Some people claim that we don't need SSTs because we have the internet - but the same applied over 100 years ago - we don't need aeroplanes at all because we had telegrams to transmit information.

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