Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Just whos folly is it anyway?

It is arrogance to attribute our own folly to others. To say that “we all do  . . [this bad or stupid thing or that]” or “if we are honest with ourselves we all do/think  . . [this bad or stupid thing or that]” . Like, "we all eat too much fat" It might make us feel better, or at least smugger and wiser, but the truth is that not everybody shares our weaknesses - but it is more humble to understand some people have overcome things that we have not.


  1. I knew at a young age that the nasty green shot you got at the health food store or juice bar, that was followed with an orange squad (yes, an orange wedge, but I called them squads) was good for me, but I had no idea why, the same kinda follows now, except I know a few more details about it's real health benefits, because I am genuinely interested in what it provides to my overall well-being.
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