Monday, 4 March 2019

Text from Dr Mark's interview in Disruptor Daily

1.) What's the state of blockchain in healthcare today?

While at the start of 2019 we are just at the start of an amazing, transformational journey in wellness, through the year Blockchain will ensure trust across boundaries in medicine. 

2.) What's the #1 trend that will shape blockchain in healthcare next year? 

High impact, high utility medical and health projects will start to boost the value of blockchain projects such as block chain technologies and token exchanges. Blockchains and exchanges that do not support a major medical or healthcare project will plummet to value and transaction volume relative to those with actual public utility as their bubble bursts. 

3.) What's the #1 challenge to blockchain adoption in the healthcare industry? 

The challenge lies in hollow projects with no vision or utility with teams with no experience in medical transformation. Falso promises from people who have never developed solutions in healthcare from people lacking the combination of understanding blockchain, medicine and healthcare. 

4.) What's the #1 benefit blockchain brings to the healthcare sector?

Accountability. Everyone in healthcare will expect every step and every transaction to be ultimately accountable. The alternative will be unthinkable and unprofessional. This does not have to shift to blame and litigation if responsibilities and risk management are handled professionally. 

5.) What's the future of blockchain in healthcare? 

It will be a fundamental component in healthcare. While we the impact of such technologies in 2 years, we hugely underestimate the impact in 10 years. Every digital healthcare technology, every procedure, every consultation, every prescription will be on a blockchain. Blockchain technologies that don't engage today will be nowhere to be seen. Exchanges that don't trade medical utility tokens will vanish not because they are the only utility token, but because they will be a key, high volume global transaction and missing out now will leave those exchanges continually behind the curve as the MySpaces of crypto. 

Here is Disruptor Daily's synopsis

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