Monday, 31 August 2015

The Wizard of Wagistrasse Schlieren.

Head olfactory nerve.jpg

Great meeting up again with old friend and mentor Mohi Rezvani now CEO of  Swiss Bioscience GmbH at the Royal Society of Medicine on Wimpole Street.  I always learn something new! Among his numerous skills Mohi is an expert on exosomes as delivery systems, a topic dear to my heart (you'll know why if you remember my Master's thesis). Well amongst the feast of learning (and I tell you about stem cells later) Mohi tells me that Exosome contents can be delivered intact directly along the CN1 

Actually if you look at this diagram you can see exactly how this works allowing exosomes to be a direct delivery system to the brain. So it makes exosomes even more interesting and I've got even more things in the pipeline relating to these fascinating structures and their synthetic analogs.

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