Thursday, 9 October 2014

Lead on MacDuff!

So no new MacBook Air model until 2015. It looks like Taiwan-based ODM Quanta Computer started production of 12-inch MacBook Air in small volumes in October and will gradually increase output beginning November but 12-inch MacBook Air isn't expected to hit the store shelves in 2014.

Change in the MacBook Air spec to make it thinner means that It is loosing standard USB ports. The new USB Type-C type connector might be a big problem for someone like me who uses a huge array of hardware, but shouldn't be a problem for normal users I guess. Main annoucements don't seem to cover the essentials yet - to me the form of the 11 inch does the job - upgrades to resolution, keyboard and thickness are not a big deal - but what the machine lacks is decent RAM (say 16GB), a terabyte SSD and ability to support more than one display. The Intel Core i5 Broadwell processors seems a bit weak - I hope there is still going to be an i7. And it still needs to fit in a rucksac pocket or Barbour poacher's pocket too - the form factor is just about right. And, of course, I'll still need bootcamp too - would be good to triple boot with Linux as well. 2015 seems a bit long to wait though that's about half a Moore generation away and the specs I've outlined will seem feeble by then!

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