Tuesday, 14 October 2014

And if you think you need a big team to design something really complex . . think again . .

In part this is a shameless plug of the new book on the English Electric Lightning by my facebook chum (and a sort of childhood hero) Ian Black - the last pilot to qualify on the Lightning. http://firestreakbooks.com/

The specification for the Lightning was laid down in 1947 when the spitfire was still used by the RAF but was Supersonic without afterburners and one intercepted a U2 flying at 88,000 feet

For me the really interesting thing about the Lightning is that, 60 years after its inception, while its basic specs still exceed most supersonic modern aircraft it was designed by an incredibly lean team (totalling 27 people) and was a legendary design by those in the know for it's prowess and flawlessness.

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