Monday, 12 December 2011

A Special Place For Startups

This is really in response to great posting by Jason Evanish on Dharmesh Shah's blog.

Jason postulates that the Bay Area - more than anywhere else is a "A Special Place For Startups" and I've got to say that I agree 100%. The proximity to so many prospects and clients means that for an Internet technology company it is easy to pack a huge amount of achievement into a tiny period of time compared with *anywhere* else in the world - without exception really. Attitudes are different too - and it's not considered definitive truth in the Valley that just because something is not being done at scale right now that does not prove that it is a bad idea!

It's sometimes said that if the Bay Area is the best start-up area in the best country, then London is the best start-up area in the second best country - but when you actually get down to trying to do the same types of things you can discover that there are compound advantages in being in - say Mountain View compared with Old Street. And if you don't believe that - take a look at the start-ups that have emerged in the Bay Area compared with London in the last 10 years . . .

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  1. I can also recommend Steve Blanks guide on this.