Saturday, 10 December 2011

Robust Systems and a bulletproof API for the AdTotum T745

Still writing the #AdTotum #API. I'm going for 100% PEAR style formatting and using SourceFormatX in the first instance. Not really part of the bulletpropf API - but I'm very much in favor of WPRF (pronounced 'w-pref') "write properly - run forever" rather than eternal cycles of breaks and bug fixes. Ok so I'm pulling your leg a bit but I'm a firm believer in software error avoidance through design and through rigorous attention to a comprehensive series of use cases. There is some great work on robust systems and transient error avoidance under EE392U at Stanford which is worth looking at in this context.

As I noted earlier the #AdTotum #API is using Standard HTTP Response Codes throughout and I've written in some great debugging and error logging tools which should make it very easy to track problems in modules that use the API. If you are interested in Standard HTTP Response Codes this is the complete list - for the API a subset are used at present -

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