Wednesday, 14 December 2011

API for the AdTotum T745

Paraphrasing Paul Graham - there are two ways we could approach the AdTotum APi (i) consider the target user to be a genius who will need to do things they never anticipated or (ii) consider them bumbler who needs to be protected from himself. As Paul says the bumbler will shoot himself in the foot anyway - so I'm strongly in favor of (i), especially as I'm anticipating using it myself but the API still needs to protect the core system in a production environment. Part of that can be done with built in performance monitoring and the ability to activate and inactive specific API user's functions.

I still take the view however that a great creation - a great machine, be it car, airplane, hardware device, language or tool facilitates an instant transformation from thought to action to result - failsafe is good - exceptional inputs can be trapped but for me that core transformation is essential and that's what I'm attempting to write with this API

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