Sunday, 10 July 2011

Contract Killer

Not so much talking of  Edward Fox in Paris as thinking here of an analysis of what is likely to kill other people's projects.

I wouldn't say I am a manager anymore than Bill Gates is a typist.  After all, My Gates had to press keys occasionally to cut code and I've have to make people do complex, challenging things for money to get creative things done. Never the less I noted after a recent discussion on contractor selection that I have actually recruited, assessed and employed contractors and external companies for over five hundred professional companies over the years. I've employed people while wearing the hats of Fortune 500 executive, Government Scientist, Research Scientist, Start-up entrepreneur and Ober-technologist. Strangely enough I can only count the bad experiences on the fingers of one hand - and almost every time it has been when I've not had complete control of the process or when I've overestimated someone who is key to the process.

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